Daily Maui Photo App For iPhone & iPad

Daily Aloha from Maui - now on your iPad!

Your Daily Dose of Aloha just become even more portable.

We're happy to introduce the brand new Daily Maui Photo App v2.1, now with full native support for the iPad. Check it out today in the App Store, and take our daily Maui photos with you wherever you go.

Our free app gives you access to the last 10 days of photos on the iPhone, and up to 30 days - yes, an entire month - of photos on your iPad that we feature here at the website.

In addition, you'll find interactive maps for every photo and popular sharing options to Spread the Aloha to all your fellow Maui fans.

You can even save photos right to your Camera Roll, so you can use them for things like wallpaper, contact icons, or even in other iPhone & iPad apps.

View the screenshots below for a preview of what the App has to offer.

New in Version 2.2 - iPad

  • Improved paging and loading performance.
  • Added Menu option for selecting up to 5 pages of photos - that's an entire month's worth!
  • Improved offline viewing when no data connection is available.
  • Added Menu option for new Maui Postcards App in App Store.

New in Version 2.2 - iPhone

  • Improved paging performance.
  • Increased number of photos from 7 to 10.
  • Daily photo display now opens in full screen mode - tap photo to access Map, Sharing, and Menu buttons.
  • Improved offline viewing when no data connection is available.
  • Added Menu option for new Maui Postcards App in App Store.

Fixes in 2.2 - iPhone

  • Fixed issue where Menu options for About App and Version History would crash App in v2.1.

Updated in Version 2.1 - iPad

  • Browse the last 18 daily photos featured on our website.
  • Full screen Map View to browse recent photos from all across the island.
  • Support for Retina display in new iPad (3rd Gen).

Updated in Version 2.1 - iPhone

  • Added progress message to loading screen when downloading new photos.
  • Added Network Activity indicator in Status Bar while downloading photos.
  • Improved App start up performance when loading existing photos.

Updated in Version 2.0

  • Completely rebuilt from the ground up to support iOS 5 features.
  • Added higher quality images to support devices with Retina Displays.
  • Added Twitter support using built-in iOS Twitter integration.
  • New Banner Notifications using the Notification Center in iOS 5.
  • Improved scrolling and UI features.
  • Added full screen mode for viewing photos and captions.
  • New Menu button with links to More Maui resources.
  • Added Facebook logout option in Menu settings.
  • Added option for Rating the App in the App Store.
  • New option for sharing the App with friends by email or social media.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved error when trying to Email a photo without having an active email account setup on yoru device.

Full version history and past release info over at the App Support page.

Planned for Version 2.3

  • Add to Favorites feature.
  • View and add comments for each photo via Facebook.
  • Leave a comment here or on Facebook to suggest a new feature.

Version 1.0 Users:
Starting with Version 2.0 of the Daily Maui Photo App, only devices with iOS 5 or newer are supported.

If you have a previous version installed and are not running iOS 5, please DO NOT update to the latest version. Your current version, however, will still continue to work.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but supporting iOS 5 was the only way I could pull together the Version 2.0 features that I was adding.

iPhone Screenshots

iPad Screenshots

If you like the app, please leave a rating and comment in the App Store and help spread the word with anyone you think would enjoy it.

If you experience problems or feel something could be better, check out the App Support page, or let me know at: dailymauiphoto@gmail.com

You can also leave a comment or suggestion at the new official Facebook page setup just for this App.

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