Add Daily Maui Photos to Your Twitter Stream

Do you have Twitter followers that are Maui fans?

Now, you can include our daily Maui photo directly into your Twitter stream, automatically. Setup just takes minutes, and all you need is a Twitter account.

And since you're reading this, it's safe to say you already have one of those.

I'm a Twitter Pro...

If you're a Twitter pro, just grab the RSS feed and head over to your favorite syndication service.

Need a recommendation? I'm currently using Twitterfeed myself.

A Little Help, Please...

All this over your head? No worries, I have step-by-step instructions on setting this up at my development blog. You'll be sharing some daily Aloha before you know it.

Example Tweets

A few quick samples of the daily tweets. Read further down to learn how to have your tweets displayed here.

If you are using our daily feed to share these photos with your followers and would like to be featured here, send a DM to @DailyMauiPhoto and let me know.

Daily Maui Photo

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